Monday, March 30, 2009

One With The Sisterhood

Classic Case of "that" dude. This bar could be in any major market city. The dude, you prob don't know him cause he only runs with girls... That kind of dude who is trying to land on the moon and have the insider angle with girls and surpass the almighty FRIEND ZONE... Tough move on both angles cause you lose touch with reality, but think you're doing well. Note the crossed legs and the wacky winter cap, this dude is too far gone. Even if he tried to come back to the team he wouldn't know right from left. Wouldn't know what to do with himself at a Sunday football party, it's that bad...

Chances of him making it to Williamsburg: very possible... he prob has a girl or a whole swarm of girls he is friends with and they can watch sex and the city together.

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