Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You can't be serious...

I must have missed the story in the Globe about the garment district exploding, were you badly hurt? Don't get me wrong, I've had some good laughs doing this blog, but this picture actually makes me a little bit angry. You know, it's one thing to wear a tie dye sweatshirt in 2008, but ONE Burberry sock?! ONE?! Listen, I understand you want to be weird for the sake of being weird, or maybe you're trying to challenge people's expectations about how the average teenager should dress*, but it's 10 degrees outside, and not only do you look absolutely ridiculous, you're going to catch a cold as well. Do us all a favor and head to the Gap or Macy's and have your mom buy you a decent pair of jeans, a plain sweater, and maybe even a down jacket. Then maybe she will stop crying herself to sleep at night thinking about what a trainwreck her daughter is.

*LOL, not.

Chances of making it to Williamsburg: 5%, one percentage point for every pattern she has on.

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