Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joke on the bike dorks.

Here, we have a classic example of a trendy bike dork.

Bike Dorks really jumped off... 5? 6? years ago? Its almost like everybody is just waiting for the next trend to come around. And for now we're just stuck with these idiots. The accessories for these people are what kill me. The weak little backpack which he probably stole from a 3rd grader. And the horrible winter coat that shows he is "funny". What the fuck is that hat, it looks like he stole it off a Canadian tourist. I just don't get it. This will be the first of many bike dork pictures, its almost cheating to make fun of these people.

Chances of making it to Williamsburg : 3. Not retro enough of a bicycle. Better luck with one of your other 12 bikes.

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